Enchanted Heart (Twickenham Time Travel Romance Book 10)

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Amy has finally graduated, and she’s excited to move on to her internship with a law firm in London. What she doesn’t expect is to be invited to a ball by an eccentric old woman – or that she actually decides to go. Spontaneity is not her thing. When she’s pulled back in time, Amy is thrown into a world of balls, picnics, and suitors.

William has spent most of his life helping his aunt Nellie with the time traveling groups who come through Twickenham Manor. But this time it’s different. The feisty, beautiful Amy captures William’s heart from the moment he sees her, and the magic she calls modern technology captivates him even more. 

While the others who have traveled back seem to fit in, Amy is just looking forward until the day she can go home. William knows he should help her, but he’s too busy enjoying the taste of the special magic she brought with her. Will Amy finally let go and enjoy her experience at Twickenham Manor, or will she leave William – and her heart – to go back to her own time?

1 review for Enchanted Heart (Twickenham Time Travel Romance Book 10)

  1. Coolestmommy R

    Loved the story. A girl who normally doesn’t do impulsive things goes to a ball in England and is transported through time. Will she get back to present day, and will she want to? She may want to live in the past and look for true love.
    Well written and I look forward to listening to more from this series.

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