Emotional Abuse Exposed Box Set: Personality Disorders, Narcissism, Sociopath, Psychopath Series

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Outwit the sociopaths & narcissists in your life

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship or friendship where something just wasn’t quite right? I mean, we all have dysfunctional families and “eccentric” friends to some extent, but I’m talking about those moments when you find yourself emotionally exhausted at every interaction and dreading every single moment you spend with that person. Times with them used to be better, and it’s those wonderful memories that keep you around them, struggling to remind them of who they really can be, but somewhere along the line, a switch as flipped and they just became different.

They started manipulating you, playing mind games, and sucking all of the energy out of you to the point where it’s become hard to even remember what life was like before you knew them. Because I’ve had one or two dysfunctional relationships myself as well as family problems you wouldn’t believe, I know what it feels like, and that’s why I wrote both of these books. I want to give you a better look at what’s really happening, if you do find yourself in an emotionally abusive relationship or friendship. In these books, I break down what exactly a narcissist and sociopath are, and provide you with some proven ways to deal with them in all areas of life. I also teach you how to recognize some of their manipulative methods so that you don’t find yourself following their words into harmful events.

If you or anyone you know have ever been in an abusive relationship, get this box set today and never be caught by surprise again!


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