Elementary, My Dear

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Eddy Hart is out of town, and his partner and fiancée Claire Olson agrees to take on what she thought would be a simple missing person’s case. Unfortunately, the missing person believes himself to be Sherlock Holmes and Claire to be Dr. Watson. She finds herself embroiled in an intrigue that began with the Knights Templar centuries before and continues to threaten humanity as the United States comes ever closer to being drawn into World War II.

1 review for Elementary, My Dear

  1. Kimberly Quinn

    An interesting twist on a Sherlockian type mystery. Since it’s included in the blurb we immediately know Claire, a 1940s PI, teams up with a man who believes he’s Sherlock Holmes. There are some great tidbits sprinkled about Arthur Conan Doyle’s character, how he was received historically and even being portrayed in 1940s films. There was some great historical research done pertaining to Templar Knights/crusades and conspiracy theories about the Illuminati. It was interesting to see so much research done for a book that quite often comes off a bit lighthearted and tongue in cheek. The Narrator is excellent. She nails the 1940s “Mid-Atlantic” gumshoe accent. The distinction between characters is clear. Her command of both historically accurate accents and British male characters really added to the story. I loved that there was a strong female detective without sacrificing the societal obstacles she would need to overcome. I received a free copy with no obligation to leave a review.

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