Edgar Allan Poe Collection – Vol. II

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This is a SoundCraft Audiobooks production – enhanced with music and sound effects – of some of the most renowned stories from Edgar Allan Poe, long heralded as the dark master of macabre fiction and one of America’s most celebrated authors. Here, in this collection, you can enjoy four of his most beloved tales:  “The Pit and the Pendulum”, “The Black Cat”, “The Raven”, and “The Tell-Tale Heart”.  

Poe’s atmospheric, moving, and disturbing stories are perfect for a late-night listen that will send a shiver up your spine! This collection also features a brief biography of the author.

2 reviews for Edgar Allan Poe Collection – Vol. II

  1. Stacy Bender

    Very good.
    Granted Kevin Theis isn’t Vincent Price, but he makes a good go at the narration.
    My wife and I grew up hearing Vincent Price’s smooth and downright creepy rendition of Poe’s classic tales, so yes, Theis has a hard act to follow. But we could still imagine Theis standing on a stage and giving his own version with gusto.

    Funny side note. When we first started the audio, we thought we were listening to a Captain Kirk version because everything was so clipped. Then we realized we had the speed turned up. Oops. Once we had it at a normal, speed everything was fine.

    We received this audio book in exchange for an unbiased review.

  2. Janalyn Prude

    Much like the first reviewer my husband and I listen to horror stories as we go to sleep at night. When we started listening to this one I’m not gonna lie almost halfway through the second chapter of the pit in the pendulum we switch to the second story black cat. I just could not get in to the PMP, I even tried the next day. I love the build up to the black cat in the way he loves the cat at first and then starts to feel such intense jealousy and then when the cat acts like a cat and scratches him out of fear his jealousy towards the cat turns into hate. What can I say about the raven I’d rather than college and loved it just as much this time as I did back then and then we get to the beating heart, OMG, OMG I didn’t see that coming. Everyone loves all the stories in this collection and although I didn’t care for the pit and the pendulum this is just my opinion. I kind of didn’t like the sound effects but you get used to that and all in all it was a wonderful book with a wonderful narrator. Thanks to the audio Unleashed For the great listen.

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