Ecstasy: Killer on Call Book 1


Welcome to a series filled with danger, drama, and a really dumb assassin.

Imagine a vicious, cold-blooded, heartless villain who canes children and kicks puppies. Tim will totally kill that guy for you, if you pay him and provide proof. But if you’re just using him to knock out your own evil empire competition, look out. You’ll be paying for your own funeral.

In the first book of this fast, funny, and fascinating series, Tim takes up shop in his sister’s town. When he takes his sister’s bestie on a job, she falls in love with his target and he finds himself having to save lives for once.

Other books in the series:

    • #1: 


#2: Gin

#3: Morphine

#4: Valium

#5: Pot

#6: Absinthe


(Rehab not included.)



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