Echo Online A GameLit Harem


Warning: This series contains graphic sex scenes, and a harem. So, you know, don’t listen to it if you don’t like that sort of thing. Or do, I’m an author, not a cop.

Welcome to the future….

These are some of the first words that welcomed Buck and millions of others to Echo Online, a full-immersion urban fantasy MMO centered around creating guilds and living a second, more exciting life in a vibrant digital world filled to the brim with magic and thrilling chaos.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Buck’s romantic life is kicked into high gear following his first proper meeting with his neighbor, kicking off a series of events in the game that leads down a rabbit hole of gunfights, magic, and charismatic Russian Orcs.

In this, the first entry in the Echo Online series, there will be action, sex, talking knives, and much, much more.


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