Echo Canyon Brides Box Set, Books 7 – 9


Book 7: Montana Christmas.
When womanizer, Sal Terranova, meets Lulu Johansson, he’s captivated by the beautiful, exciting brunette. Their romance is fiery and consuming, but can the joy of the Christmas season see them through?

Book 8: Montana Orphan.
Nick Terranova and Maura, both broken in their own ways, embark on a romance, but just when happiness is on the horizon for them, obstacles arise that test their faith. Will they overcome them or succumb to despair and disappointment?

Book 9: Montana Surprise.
Gino Terranova hopes for a future with Carrie Sheehan—but when she springs surprises on him, can he forgive her so they can be happy together? Carrie must regain Gino’s trust—can she do it or is all hope lost?


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