Echo Canyon Brides Box Set – 1-3

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Book One: Montana Rescue

Josie Bainbridge dreams of finding a husband, but there aren’t any available men in Pullman. Evan Taft thinks mail-order-brides for the single men in Echo might save the town. Can he and Josie overcome evil forces and keep their love alive?

Book Two: Montana Bargain

Dr. Erin Avery and Dr. Winslow Wu strike a bargain: Echo, Montana needs a doctor, Erin wants her own practice, and he wants a wife. They find love together, but a lurking darkness threatens to kill their dreams of happiness.

Book Three: Montana Adventure

Billy and Nina meet unexpectedly while returning to Echo Canyon. While on their adventure, they fall in love and wind up getting married. Will their love keep burning bright or will it go up in an inferno and die?

2 reviews for Echo Canyon Brides Box Set – 1-3

  1. Lori Dykes

    Linda Bridey does it again with this new series set in Echo Canyon and the lives and loves of those who come and go. I laughed out loud and felt pangs to the heart. The narrator of book one really was a little off with some of the voices but it improved with book 2. As always thankful for the free audible and enjoyed every one!

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    I have to acknowledge the very comical and realistic characters portrayed by the narrator, through the voice characteristics of each person encountered. It adds so much to the an already charming collection of stories.

    Book 1 Montana Rescue

    It’s suggested that the sheriff should set the example, and in doing so, save the town, by finding a mail order bride.
    There’s drama, even before the prospective bride arrives, and it doesn’t stop there.
    There’s interference from sinister people, wanting to revel in other people’s misery.
    However, there is a HEA in this first episode.

    Book 2 Montana Bargain

    Dr Wu was the next in line to try the Mail order advertising for his dream bride.
    With a little help, the ad for a female doctor, willing to meet certain requirements was placed.
    Luckily, Erin replied wanting a practice of her own, as she hadn’t had any joy in gaining employment, even after gaining her doctor’s qualifications.
    It’s a grand story, with the ups and downs of any two people getting to know each other.

    Book 3 Montana Adventure

    Again we see an advertisement placed for a would be bride, this time for Billy, the artist and part owner in the sheep farm.
    However, Billy is called on an urgent errand, with Lucky, before his potential bride arrives.
    Drama and emotional rollercoaster ensues, as their errand turns out differently to what they expected.
    Meanwhile, Shadow falls to the studious tracking of the sheriff, who reacts differently to what you would expect.
    Overall an engaging yarn, that shares the emotional feelings of those that call Echo Valley home.

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