Eat You Up

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Dmitri, a werewolf and thief for hire, finds his true mate under the worst possible circumstances – at 35,000 feet.

Dmitri, a high-end thief, is flying cross-country for a lucrative job, when the woman destined to be his mate is seated next to him. Her scent drives him to the edge, but he manages to control himself on the flight by the skin on his teeth and fate – by way of the flight being diverted because of a terrible storm.

Nina isn’t sure why she’s trying so hard to get home in time for her sister’s wedding, given that the groom is her ex. But indulging in an affair with the aggressive and attractive man who has come to her rescue brings worse problems to her table. It’s just supposed to be a fling, but Dmitri clearly has no intention of leaving – ever.

When Dmitri’s new employer turns out to be Nina’s ex’s father, the line he spent a lifetime blurring becomes crystal clear. Unfortunately, by the time he realizes this, it may be too late to save his mate.

4 reviews for Eat You Up

  1. Megan Wells

    I really enjoyed this story. Although I wish I would have read the ebook instead of listening to it. I like Addison Barnes as a narrator. She brings life into the story. The problem here is that the hero is Russian but there was no Russian accent. The heroine even commented on how thick his accent was. The author should have found a narrator who could do a Russian accent. It was hard to get lost in the story when I knew the voice didn’t match the character.

    Like I said the story itself is good. I liked the characters. I liked the drama and the romance was hot.. would have been even hotter with a Russian accent. But if that is something that doesn’t bother you, then I recommend this book. Because other than the lack of accent the narration was good.

  2. Jutta Stiller

    I found this story really intriguing. I like the idea and the setup and the world that they live in. It kept me engaged all the way through as I tried to work out how they were going to solve what was going on. I liked the way it resolved especially as it didn’t go quite how you thought it might. Kelli Tager does a great job with the narration. Enjoyable listening.

  3. Kimberly Howe

    I really liked the storyline characters and loved the narrators. I felt the narrators definitely brought something to the story and development of the characters. Loved the chemistry between Nina and Dimitri. Totally hot! Would definitely recommend!

  4. Shan MC

    Narrator did a good job. She was a little slow, but gave a clear performance and had some good emotion to her voice. Recommend!

    Loved this whole thing! I loved the initial set up of Dmitri finding his mate, Nina, on a plane and struggling not to claim her right away, and one of my favorite scenarios happens when they get snowed in for a bit. Some sexy steam! Then the story goes into a cool story about what Dmitri is involved in; some interesting magical elements, and I of course love the shifter aspect. Some action and danger to be had for both Dmitri and Nina. The chemistry is awesome between Nina and Dmitri; lots of spice and sweetness. He’s a sweetie and it’s so great how much he supports Nina. Nina is a tough, smart, self-less woman; sometimes she’s too self-less, too self-sacrificing, but I appreciated her level-headed thinking. They have a really good rapport. The story went into some interesting directions and I was totally entertained all the way through.

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