East of the Sun, West of a Gay Prince

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Once upon a time on a long-ago stormy night, a poor farmer encountered a mysterious great white bear who offered to trade him vast wealth in exchange for his handsome youngest son. Though hesitant at first, young Aiden agreed to go with the white bear in order to help his family have a better life and for his many brothers and sisters to get good marriages, while he thought his dream of finding a romantic Prince Charming to call his own may never come true.

His time living in a lavish mountain castle with the great white bear came to an unexpected end when he failed to keep his promise to Sir Bear. Love seemed just in his grasp when it was abruptly lost.

Aiden’s quest to find his love again entailed many adventures with the help of a number of unlikely friends he met along the way. His journey to find his lost love was hard enough, but could he rescue him from the power of a wicked witch-queen and a troll princess?


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