Dungeon of Chance: All-In A Dungeon Core Novel (Serious Probabilities, Book 3)


The Tower of Trials awaits those who desire to challenge themselves….

The Dungeon Core known as Clay had successfully trained up the local Heroes of Sunfall Island to repel the recent attack by a World Threat, but as he was beginning to prepare for the next Dungeon Adventure Season in his dungeon, something happened to bring his plans to a screeching halt.

In short, his little part of the world was unexpectedly invaded by thousands of foreign Heroes.

Now, due to a new “World Event” that involves a competition between two types of Heroes—the Hero Guilds from the mainland and the new arrivals—Clay is tasked with creating something called the Tower of Trials. This 100-Floor Tower is greater in scope than anything he’d ever created before, and according to the Event, he only has six months in which to complete it. Even more than that, the Dungeon Core needs to somehow train the massive influx of Heroes in a new way so that they are prepared for the Tower of Trials.

But how can Clay juggle his normal dungeon training and designing an entirely new Tower at the same time? Sometimes the only choice is to embrace the challenge, take some risks, and go all-in.

Note: This final book in the Serious Probabilities series contains Dungeon Core, LitRPG, and GameLit elements including dungeon construction and defense, monster summoning, character progression, and a game-like interface. In addition, many of the probabilities the world is based upon are similar to Gacha-type mechanics. Contains no profanity, harems, or explicit sexual content.

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