Duby’s Doctor

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DHS agent Yves Dubreau has no memories but plenty of enemies. When betrayed to assassins, will Duby know how to defend himself – or his beloved doctor? 

John Doe remembers nothing of his life before waking up in the hospital. He doesn’t know he was a dangerous man, and he somehow has survived assassination by even more dangerous men. He doesn’t even know how to speak English. John needs long-term supervision and care to re-learn how to live. 

Dr. Mitchell Oberon has been married to her surgical work for too long. She resists being attracted to this brain-damaged patient with the body of Adonis and the mind of a child. 

Agent Frank Stone, of Homeland Security, forces the doctor to take John Doe into her own home while he recovers. Stone, who knows John Doe’s past history well, says it’s not safe to send him back to the place he lived before he was “killed” by his enemies. 

If Duby’s enemies find John, he and his lady friend may not survive. 

What will John do when someone close to him betrays him – and Dr. Oberon – to Dubreau’s foes?

2 reviews for Duby’s Doctor

  1. Julie Howard

    I did enjoy this book but it didn’t live up to what I was expecting. I thought it would have more action as Duby fought to save the life of the women he loves, this wasn’t the case, it did have some fight scenes but focused more of the lost memory and the romance. The story jumped around explaining Duby’s memory loses from several of the characters perspective which kept the story interesting. I liked the characters, especially Duby’s time at school with the nuns.
    When a patient near death arrives in her E.R Dr Oberon is reluctant to cover up his identity, especially as he has no idea of who he his or even speak. With pressure from a government agency she agrees and so starts a very long recovery that sees both of there world turned upside down. The problem is that as Duby re learns who he is with the help from his doctor he discovers the one thing that could put him back on the radar of the men that tried to kill him. His painting talent is quickly picked up but who is the mystery girl in everyone of his painting? Duby doesn’t know and just thinks she is in his head. As his painting find there way to an art gallery, one of those painting makes its way to an arms dealer with a daughter who looks just like the girl in the picture and soon Duby and his doctor have more to worry about than injuring his damaged knee. Especially with bullets flying.
    The narrator was good and she did use different voices for the characters but Duby’s French accent just made me laugh, it didn’t make me think of a tough guy body guard and I found it hard to picture him

  2. Darc Librarian

    After being left for dead ‘John Doe’ aka DHS agent Yves Dubreau finds he has no memories and must re-learn everything. Beginning again is difficult enough without being hunted by assassins. Luckily for him he has help in the shapely form of Dr. Mitchell Oberon.

    As she helps Duby adjust to his ‘new normal` she struggles to resist the man with the body of Adonis and the mind of a child. A true innocent caught up in the battle between good and evil.

    He will need all his old skills to stay alive and protect her, if only he could remember them…

    I loved listening to this clean and wholesome romantic suspense brought to life by Jenny Hoops excellent narration.

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