Drunks: An Alcoholic Drama


A realistic drama about the deep, consuming, relentless, and compulsive passion between an alcoholic couple struggling with their own demons.

It’s multi-award-winning author Ken Fry like you’ve never heard him before. Reminiscent of Days of Wine and Roses—a poignant story of a doomed triangle between a man, a woman, and alcohol.

My name is Alan Markham, and this all happened a while ago, but the memories don’t go away. Looking back, I can see that our lives had been carried along like a rudderless ship in a storm. The life we had is gone. It sank beneath the ocean waves, and I was powerless to prevent that.

I’m controlling my problem, but I’m under no illusions. I could come apart at the seams any time, should I pick up a drink.

My memories of what it was like for my wife, Chrissy, and I have become a blurred recollection. They hurt. But I need that pain to remind me of what I was and how I got to my present state.

I owe her that, at least.

Are you in control of that glass or bottle you’re holding?

That’s what Chrissy and I thought too…. Listen to our story.


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