Driven By Faith: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Professional Development

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Work With Excellence, Demonstrate Integrity, and Take Your Faith and Professional Life to Greater Heights With the Word of the Lord – Go Through All the Motions of Professional Development As A Christian Woman
You’re a Christian woman, and you want to succeed in your professional life. But you’re not sure how to do that without compromising your faith. It can feel like there’s a lot of pressure to choose between success and faith.
But that doesn’t have to be the case.
You can achieve great things in your career while staying true to your beliefs!
Driven By Faith is exactly what you need. This guide is packed with inspiring Bible verses that will empower you as you work to become a successful career woman.
Trust in God’s guidance and be confident that He will help you reach your goals.
With this guide, you will learn how to develop the skills and traits needed for a successful career. You will also find helpful tips and advice on how to manage stress and stay motivated throughout your journey.

  • Bible verses to keep you grounded, inspired, and motivated to do even better
  • Simples ways to reflect on Christ’s teachings, even while at work
  • Effective strategies to guide you back on the path of the Lord whenever you feel troubled
  • The blueprints to help you overcome anything that bars you from working in prosperity
  • And more!

As a woman of faith, you have everything it takes to reach great heights in your professional life – and this guide will show you the way.
Be assured that everything you do in your career – from taking on new challenges to networking with other professionals – will be in line with God’s plan for your life.


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