Dragon Roar

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You cannot escape your fate. Everyone has heard tales of the runaway bride. I did not runaway. I was taken.

Eden: I was finalizing all the last minute details on my wedding day without the wedding planner, who did a no show. If that wasn’t enough, the caterer parks clear across the parking lot, and has questions for me. But I don’t think he is the caterer. The man who steps out informs me that I am marrying the wrong dragon. What?

Ridley: She was blissfully unaware of who or what her fiancé is, Corbin Pontious has kept his true self hidden from her. I had to get her away from him. I had to save her. I am out of time, and she doesn’t know that dragons exist. I am just going to tell her she is marrying the wrong dragon and take her. What could go wrong?

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