Dragon Fury

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Raine has not one, but two dragons hunting her. The spirit of an ancient dragon queen who wants to join with her, and a bossy male dragon shifter who thinks she is his fated mate.

Cooper is the leader of the Ice Dragons. As he has waited for his mate to appear, he has become cold and distant. Watching his friends meet and join with their mates, he knows she is coming back soon. This time, he will do what is necessary to keep her safe.

Before Raine arrived in Alaska looking to expand her wilderness business, she did not know dragons existed. Her sexy and surly bush pilot is none other than Cooper. He recognizes her as his fated mate. When she and Cooper meet sparks fly, but not the good kind.

The Cherufe are on the rise again. A battle is coming that can only be won by Raine allowing the dragon queen to join with her.

Can Cooper find his humanity and Raine accept her drakaina in time to lead the fight to put the Cherufe away for good?

You cannot escape your fate, especially when dragons are involved.


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