Don’t Compete, Dominate


Discover the secrets of true mastery and winning in life.

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to win all the time? Why some people get that promotion and you don’t? Why some people always get picked for the team? Why are some more successful than you? Or why great people leave a mark and are immortalized as the greats of their chosen field? Well, so did I.

I used to have the same thoughts and wondered exactly what it takes to win. I simply just woke up one morning hating my job and was tired of losing. In this book I share the seven rules, or habits, of dominance that resulted from my years of studying every success book and success story I could find. You will discover:


This book is not a magic recipe for success and doesn’t promise to magically change your life after listening to it. But if you are ready to learn and apply what you will learn in this book, you will achieve whatever it is you desire and you will develop a mindset of winning that will help you dominate in all you do.

  • How the famous and great successes of time applied the seven rules of domination
  • Should you work smarter or harder? What do the great successes do?
  • The rule that sets up all success
  • The rule that will make you break away from your peers
  • The rule that makes you indispensable and irreplaceable
  • The conqueror’s rule to crush your enemies in every area
  • The rule that makes you stand out in a crowd
  • The one rule you cannot afford not to know if you want to dominate
  • The eighth rule of dominance (bonus)


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