Dominated by Her

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Five steamy tales of femdom goodness. Enjoy older women teaching lessons to 20-something men and women, bratty and naturally submissive alike.

In “Quiet, Please!”, Michaela and Bruce have been brats in the local library for long enough. Ms. Perkins and Ms. Lawson are ready to teach them a lesson in respecting not only the quiet space, but their elders as well. 

In “Tasting Mrs. Carter”, university graduate Bryan has always had a thing for older women, and it all boils down to one specific woman. His next door neighbour, Mrs. Melinda Carter, is the epitome of old-fashioned grace and beauty. Now that he’s back from his years abroad, will he be able to catch her eye? 

In “Hard Lessons”, Marley and Peter are best friends that share everything. Even punishments from gorgeous dominating women. 

In “Internal Affairs”, Renata is pleased with her new young intern, Louis. He’s very good at following directions. So good, in fact, that she’s ready to take his submissiveness to the next level. 

And in “Caught and Punished”, Mandy and James are having a secret affair at work. They think they’re being stealthy, but what happens when an older female coworker, Natalie, catches them out together? She and her husband are ready to teach the adulterers a lesson.


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