Dogged Pursuit

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The debut book in the Veronica Kildare K-9 Mystery series opens with escalating suspense and intensifies into a resilient fight for survival. With its engaging combination of canine and human personalities, thrilling plot, and gorgeous Colorado backdrop, Dogged Pursuit will appeal to dog lovers, outdoors enthusiasts, and mystery lovers alike. 

Veronica Kildare cannot believe her luck–being shot at, again, by the bad guys. The sound, the feel of the bullet, and the hatred resonate for more than just the transitory moment of impact. She has relocated to a new state, but brutality has rampaged into this life as well. As the survivor of a senseless act of violence in her former life, Veronica struggles to recover from the lingering physical and emotional scars by working as a dog handler near Boulder, Colorado. Empowered by her intense bond with her search and rescue and drug detection dog, Leda, she finally begins to shake off the pain of her past. Then Veronica is drawn into the puzzling search for a scientist who has vanished near Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Dr. Randy Jeffers has inexplicably disappeared on the eve of his testimony in the high profile murder trial of a pro basketball player and the police are baffled. As Veronica and Leda traverse rugged Roosevelt National Forest in a desperate search testing the limits of their abilities, it is not initially clear who has targeted Dr. Jeffers, or why. But it becomes shockingly obvious that someone will stop at nothing to silence him forever. The kidnappers with murder on their mind have guns, but Veronica has Leda and her own blossoming resilience as her weapons in their struggle for survival.

1 review for Dogged Pursuit

  1. Julie Howard

    I want to say I enjoyed this book and for the most I did but the story was too slow and the author gave you to much information on things you didn’t need to know. As the story was based around a search and rescue dog I was disappointed that it was only towards the end of the book that escaping through woods and out smarting the bad guys happened, up until then it was more research of where to look and the history of the different locations. I liked the dog training aspects to the story, especially all the dogs but I was looking for more adventure. I liked the characters and the author certainly developed the characters. There was a mystery of who might have kidnapped the scientist and with plenty of suspects it took a number of twist but as I said was just too slow. I would probably give another book in this series ago because I like the idea behind the series and the characters.
    After the death of her fiancee Veronica leaves her old life behind and becomes a dog trainer. Where she and her dog Leda quickly become experts at search and rescue, as well as drug detection. When the prosecution lead witness in a high profile case goes missing Veronica and her faithful k9 are called in. With a vague idea of where he was ,the duo with research help from her father set out to find the missing man but it quickly becomes obvious that maybe he had help disappearing. We they find him in time?
    I liked the narrator. She had a pleasant voice to listen to.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review,

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