Dogged by Love

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Rufus the dog and his owner, Edward, are the best of friends. They spend their evenings sharing pizzas and cans of beef stew while watching movies. What could be better? When Edward decides to try online dating, Rufus’s small, furry world is turned upside down. Gone are the days of lounging and cuddle time! Now, it’s one undesirable lady after another, coming into their once-peaceful lives. 

Will Edward ever find love, and if he does, will there still be room in his heart for Rufus?

1 review for Dogged by Love

  1. Coolestmommy R

    Rufus (the dog) tells us all about his dad (Edward) and Edward’s escapades as he searches for love. A witty, funny, sweet romance that will have you believing in the power of love (and dogs) for a happily ever after.

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