Divine Fate- the Complete Series

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Ryn Tyler’s life changed the day she killed a demon.

Now she’s been thrown headfirst into a magical school for angels with the power to become their savior in the war against demons. She trains in secret with her bad boy mentor, Marek, who is hiding a troubled past.

Only Ryn has the ability to end the war and save the people she loves. But Ryn’s fate doesn’t just concern her new home. If she fails, humanity will fall…and the very world will be at stake.


3 reviews for Divine Fate- the Complete Series

  1. Amber Everett

    Fallen meets Fallen Academy. Two of my favorite angel and demon stories combined into one. I really feel this was a great intro into an exciting new series. Alicia did an amazing job.
    Natalie has such a soothing voice that just locales you into the story. Her voice was spot on in my opinion.

  2. Tami Craig

    Divine Fate by Alicia Rades and narrated by Natalie Naudus is a complete set of books that I will be listening to again and again.
    We meet Ryn, short for Katheryn, the FMC after yet another move around the country to Eagle Valley. She is caught killing a demon by Marek, James’ last name which he prefers who just happens to be the MMC. Poor Ryn finds out that she isn’t crazy like she had been told all her life and even forced into counseling by her mother, who has no idea that Ryn is a Divina, a race that is supposed to protect humans from the “demons”. Ryn is “invited” by the “private” high school for Davina by being offered a scholarship, which her mother doesn’t want to take. Ryn gets her way and gets to go to the school with her other friends that are also Davina.
    Mission #1, locate Grace, the last of the originals who is supposed to help close the portal to the demon realm.
    Mission #1, figure out the secrets that Ryn knows are being kept from her
    Mission #3, save the world.
    All in a days work for a 17 year old girl who has been told she is crazy for over half her life.
    Follow Ryn and Marek as the explore the truths, the lies, the emotions, the betrayal that the adults around them keep pilling on these kids.
    I highly recommend this as its not like anything else I have read on the market. Yes they are supernaturals, but not in the sense we have come to know. It’s unique in its story telling and mythology we are introduced to as the story progresses.

  3. Kay Spriggs

    Ryn just wants to be a normal teenager but she’s thrown into another life she never knew existed after killing a demon.
    This book follows Ryn as she battles to come to terms with the supernatural life and that she will be the saviour of a divine race of angels.

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