Divas Do Tell


Lights! Camera! Murder! Trinket and the gang, beware! 

Hollywood descends on Holly Springs, and soon it’s up to the Divas to keep the stars from falling like magnolia blooms in a trailer-park tornado. Someone doesn’t want dark secrets under the holly to reach the big screen. He – or she – is willing to kill locals, movie stars, and maybe even Divas to stop it. 

Diva-sister Dixie Lee Forsythe wrote the juicy tell-all about a historic Mississippi town very much like Holly Springs, and a lot of townsfolk would be happy to strangle her. Bitty is in a blond lather over a gossipy storyline about a philandering Senator who very much resembles her late husband. And even Trinket’s a little miffed at Dixie Lee’s oh-so-recognizable Trinket Truevine character, described as, “built like a girls’ basketball coach – not necessarily a female one”. 

Dixie Lee starts getting mysterious death threats, an actress brings being a diva to heights even Bitty can’t match, and a production assistant is murdered. 

If Trinket, Bitty, and the Divas don’t solve this case quick, Oscars season in Tinsel Town will be short a whole bunch of stars.


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