Divas and Dead Rebels

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The bestselling DIXIE DIVAS cozy mysteries are back with book 4! Trinket and her pals are, once again, caught in the middle of a murder scene….

“Professor Sturgis is dead.”

“Hah!” replied my cousin/best friend/partner in mayhem. “I’m not that lucky.”

“It’s true,” I said as I pointed to her son’s dorm room closet. “Look for yourself. But I warn you–it’s not a pretty sight.”

My warning did not deter Bitty Hollandale from peering into the closet where the dead professor was propped against a shoe rack. She immediately recoiled. “Good lord! I thought you were joking . . . it . . . how horrible!”

I didn’t say “I told you so” although I could have. I was still too rattled myself to take a verbal swing at Bitty. What I’d thought was an untidy pile of clothing tumbling out of the closet turned out to be a professor with whom Bitty had just quarreled that very morning.

This was not a good thing.

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