Dirty Harriet Rides Again

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Once again, it’s Harriet’s job to kick some butt in Boca Raton. 

Someone is murdering clergy members in Florida’s ritzy resort haven – starting with the minister at the gay wedding of private detective Harriet Horowitz’s best friends. Suspicion focuses on the drag queens of the Holy Rollers Motorcycle Club and Gospel Choir, who provided the wedding’s musical entertainment. 

Harriet – always defending the underdog – is hired to clear the choir’s name. Pretty soon, a rabbi becomes the next victim, and Harriet’s lust-buddy, Israeli martial arts instructor Lior Ben Yehuda, is arrested as the prime suspect. 

It’s time for Harriet to climb on her Harley and wreck the pampered peace of the society that used to think of her as just another wealthy Boca babe.

1 review for Dirty Harriet Rides Again

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this book. The main reason is because I like Harriet, she is a tough no nonsense girl but isn’t afraid to pull out the lipstick when the occasion a raises. She is also slightly mad, as she has a crocodile as a side kick. It is a bit one-sided but is good for a few laughs and puzzling over some clues aloud. The mystery was good and with so many bodies there was a nice amount of reason for the deaths and the suspects, this meant the killer was obvious straight away, I did have my suspicions. Can’t wait to start the next book.
    Former Boca Babe Harriet is attending a gay wedding, her two best friends are getting married but when the minister is killed before the ceremony can take place and one of the guests is arrested she must ditch the dress and turn into Dirty Harry by donning on her motorcycle jacket and launching an investigation. Was the murder a hate crime? against gays or the unorthodox church? A rich friend Contessa Von Phul hates to see injustices and hires Harriet to investigate. While Harriet is tracking down clues a rabbi is killed and the police are quick to make another arrest. Were the two deaths connected? Harriet zeros in on the only connection the two had in common, which leads here two three possibilities. Can she narrow the suspect pool down before anyone is killed? It’s going to be a trail by fire and ice for this gutsy biker babe.
    I like the narrator she sounds just like I imagine a babe coming from Florida sounds like, laid back.
    I was give this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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