Devil’s Row

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They hunted her to the furthest corner of the world and did everything they could to kill her.

But she survived.

Elisabeth lost everything that night. Everything except her life. A life she’s using to hunt the mercenaries who want her dead. There’s only one problem: the wolf inside her has gone quiet, leaving this she-wolf to rely solely on her wits and killer instinct to survive. Standing in the way of her bloody vengeance is a war-torn 18th century countryside ravaged by a vampiric plague and home to a host of unspeakable horrors stalking the night.

When you fight evil with evil, there can only be one outcome….

A shifter’s lust for revenge puts her on a collision course with a band of witchfinders in this novel from acclaimed author Matt Serafini. Devil’s Row combines occult horror and dark fantasy and places it all in the universe first explored in Feral: A Novel of Werewolf Horror.

“If George R. R. Martin wrote Underworld.” (Somer Canon, author of Killer Chronicles)

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1 review for Devil’s Row

  1. Sean Duregger

    Awesome and unique stand-alone werewolf tale by Matt Serafini that operates in his FERAL universe (though in the Middle Ages). I loved this book and especially loved the spirited and engaged narration of Ramona Masters.

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