Devil’s Lake: Bittersweet Hollow Book 1

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Someone is watching Portia. 

Abducted and enslaved by a madman for two  years, Portia has escaped to find her home in chaos. Her parents have moved to NYC to treat her mother’s cancer. Her wild sister has settled down with an older man. And Boone, the boy from the nearby dairy, is running her horse farm. 

The boy she remembers has grown up in the two years she’s been gone and the man he’s become frightens her broken heart. But Boone simply summons her family and with their love and Boone’s gentle affection, Portia not only begins to heal but finds herself falling in love. 

One thing threatens her recovery. The man who took her promised if she ever escaped, he’d kill her. 

And someone is definitely watching. 

1 review for Devil’s Lake: Bittersweet Hollow Book 1

  1. Carol Rey

    What a wonderful story. I was enthralled through the whole book. Portia was stronger than she thinks. I loved Boone. It was a well written, keeps you wanting to see what is next. It was fast paced and a great smooth read. The narrator brought the story to life as if you were hearing all the different characters, seeing everything that was going on. I recommend this to all. I received it as a gift and this is my voluntary review.

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