Denali Den Bears Boxed Set: Books 1, 2, and 3

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re you ready for the Denali Den Bears to melt your heart and make you laugh? 

Beauty and the Bear

For werebear Silas Vane, finding his True Mate has proven more difficult than he imagined and he’s getting grouchier by the minute waiting for her to come along. When a nosy, new hire starts asking questions about why he wants to marry so badly – he tells her – so he can have sex every day! 

Silas gets the surprise of his life when she offers to be his sex once-a-day girl. It’s a deal he can’t refuse, only she’s a human, and things could get complicated. 

Wed to the Bear

Werebear Stryker Vane volunteers to pick up his brother’s soon-to-be-wife at the airport. What he doesn’t anticipate is a last-minute phone call telling him the wedding is off. Stryker expects a heartbroken she-bear, but the curvy brunette with intriguing green eyes and spunky attitude is nothing like he imagined. 

Bound to the Bear

Werebear Stefan Vane has a job to do – protect his witness. He devises a plan to keep the stubborn she-bear at his family’s remote wilderness therapy camp. Her identity must stay secret. They agree to pretend they’re a couple. But her smart mouth and sexy curves are distracting. He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she’s safe, only he never expects the lines between what’s fake and what’s real to become so blurred.

1 review for Denali Den Bears Boxed Set: Books 1, 2, and 3

  1. chantelle bouffanie

    Omg! This is my frist time reading/listening to a book from Rebecca Thomas. I had the audio verison of this book. These books are about three brothers, who is Alaska bear shifters finding love.
    1. The first book is Lexi and Silas’s story. Lexi is a feisty, likeable young woman who just finished grad school and takes a job in Alaska. Silas is the grumpy, good-hearted, and gorgeous camp co-owner and cook. He is also a were-bear. Silas is dead set on to get a mate. That he is even going thru with a online dating site that is made just for shiftes. He wasn’t prepare for Lexi to come inti his kitchen. I love the chenistry between them.
    2. The second book is Ava and Stryker’s story. Ava is the one that Silas met online. She was suppose to be mated to him, but life has a way into throwing a wrench into the plans. Stryker was going to be a good brother by picking up Ava from the airport. Once Stryker saw her, it was over for him. Ava was Stryker’s mate. I love it took Ava awhile to see that he was right. I think so far this one is ny favorite one so far.
    3. Finally the third brother Stefan and Tessa’s book. Stefan is a good-natured, honorable, honest guy who is dedicated in being an undercover cop. Tess is a strong, sassy, stubborn, woman who works making and maintaining costumes at a strip club. When Stefan boss gave him an assignment while he is on a vacation. He needs to watch out for Tessa cause her life is in danger. They both happen to be were-bears living in Alaska. I love the chemistry between these too.
    You will have to get these and read them for yourself. You will not be disappointed in them. It will hooked you into just like me. I can’t wait to read more from this author. Keep up the amazing job!

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