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He only has plans to eradicate the Hunters…until he must chase down his fated mate.

The Hunters are becoming bold. Damian Steel has called a summit of all wolf packs along the Pacific Coast. When Hudson Rhodes arrives on the same motorcycle Steve McQueen once rode, he is expecting nothing more than to come up with a plan to eradicate the Hunters… turning predators into prey.

The last thing he expected to feel was the call of his fated mate. Shasta Warren, the bad girl of the Sonoma Pack, is only willing to be the mistress of her own destiny. But when the Hunters attack and Hudson sends her away to save herself, Shasta can’t help but come to the brooding alpha’s aid.

As Hudson recovers from his wounds, Shasta slips away to begin a secret new life in the Crescent City. But she won’t be able to hide forever. The alpha of New Orleans is known as an incurable romantic and jumps at the chance to help his old friend, Hudson, bring his fated mate to heel.

Publisher note: Decanted is a paranormal shifter story with steamy heat in and out of the bedroom for mature listeners only.

3 reviews for Decanted

  1. JM I

    I am amazed at the way Delta James can take a character who was so unlikable, and obnoxious in one book and turn her into someone you cheer for in another book.

    Shasta was that character. Even when I started reading, I could not imagine how that irritating little twit could become anything else. Yet, she changed.

    I liked Hudson, but it felt like his character took a back seat to Shasta’s. Hudson was Alpha, dominate, and a Dom, but Shasta seemed to be the star of the book.

    I was surprised that as cunning as Shasta was, she didn’t seem to take any real precautions in regard to the Hunters. I would have thought she would be wary of almost anyone who was not pack.

    It was nice revisiting Jean Michel and Darby. I enjoy the witty banter and lighthearted interaction of the couples when they get together.

    This was a fast paced, action packed book. I only wish it had been longer.

    The narration was ok the male parts much better than the female characters. It would be Interesting to see the difference if there waa a male and female narrator.

  2. Debra Anne Boulier

    Well-written, fast-paced and steamy book for sure. For me, Delta James never disappoints. JT Farrell’s narration makes it all the more better

  3. Vicki

    Shasta gave Hudson a run for his money with her behavior. She is an alpha and wanted a weak alpha she could control. That is not Hudson because he is totally alpha. The hunters are at it again and Hudson gets shot three times with silver bullets. The hunters also kidnap Shasta but I felt the story is taking a different turn with the hunters. The preview of the next book sets us up for this. I love that the alpha of New Orleans and his mate were in this book. JT Farrell did an outstanding job with the narration.

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