Deadly Desire


In what universe would the world’s most eligible bachelor not be able to get a date?

Collin Martin is adored by many and loved by all. Not only handsome and sexy, he’s a self-made millionaire with a heart of gold. Every woman’s dream. When Collin’s ex-girlfriends become targets of a killer, and he’s the common denominator, he’s left with little choice. He needs the help of professionals to figure out who is behind the killings to stop them before anyone else gets hurt.

Sara Johnson has been assigned to Collin’s case, and it’s exactly as she’s suspected. Most women would kill to have a date with the world’s most eligible bachelor, and one may already have. There are only two rules for dealing with any case: keep your eyes on the job, and keep the client alive, but that’s a bit hard to do when dealing with forbidden fruit like Collin Martin. Being set up as the killer’s next target doesn’t scare her nearly as much as what she has to do to play her part. Pretending to date the bachelor might kill her before the killer even makes the first move.


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