Dead State: Fallout

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When the dead rise, he’ll either find his family or end up a ravenous corpse…

Fifteen-year-old James would much rather hang with friends than go hunting with his survivalist dad. But the boring weekend trip turns into a living horror when they’re attacked by an undead horde. Terrified and confused, James has no choice but to escape with his trusty dog through a forest stained with blood…

Teaming up with his best friend, James frantically fights his way back to his missing family. But on a trail of clues littered with corpses, reaching his loved ones means venturing deeper into the deadly unknown…

Can James reunite with his family before he’s consumed by a relentless pack of zombies?

Fallout is the first book in a gritty post-apocalyptic series. If you like spine-crawling suspense, ruthless zombies, and rugged survival stories, then you’ll love Derek Shupert’s dark coming-of-age tale.

2 reviews for Dead State: Fallout

  1. RJ

    We are presented with a slow-moving apocalypse survival tale. Father and son James bonding on a hunting weekend. Zombies appear out of nowhere to attack the pair. Don’t know what caused the undead, don’t know how widespread it is. James reaches home safely, daddy doesn’t. Mom and sister got out of Dodge; headed for their cabin “far away”. I don’t know what breed Duke is, it doesn’t say. I thought Yellow Lab since it mentioned Duke had a yellow coat but then it also stated several times that his ears stood up or on end so that wouldn’t be a Lab. Not important, just curious. James is relieved to find his friend Dawson survived and they partner up. Now it’s up to James and Dawson to figure out what happened, where to go, and who has survived. The story gets considerably more interesting with the addition of Tony; a Special Forces soldier who carries more baggage than the boys can handle. I must admit, it was Duke that made the story for me. Three.point.five for potential. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Pamela Dixon

    Enjoy this! Excellent story!

    This is an excellent Zombie Survival book to listen to! I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I would also like to mention that it is a great read for young adults. I would give it a PG rating his far as language, violence, ect. I enjoyed the characters in the story they were engaging and interesting and kept my attention. I really love Duke, the dog!

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