Dead State: Executioner

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Ravenous flesh eaters. Desperate survivors. One teenager will take them all down to find his sister.

Fifteen-year-old James barely recognizes the killer he’s become. Still reeling from the loss of his parents, he’s vowed to slaughter as many of the bloodthirsty horrors as he can before they eventually tear him to pieces. But a flicker of hope ignites in his heart when he learns that his sister may still be alive in a California military research center.

Abandoning the safe zone with chasers on their heels, James, his two remaining allies, and his trusty dog Duke search the infested interstate for the mysterious base. But though the highway is crawling with the infected, the gun-toting scavenger survivors may pose a deadlier threat.

Can James and his crew outrun the rising hordes in a daring bid to reunite with his sister?

Executioner is the gripping third book in the fast-paced Dead State post-apocalyptic series. If you like courageous heroes, gritty action, and super-cool zombies, then you’ll love Derek Shupert’s roller coaster road trip. 

Buy Executioner to take vengeance on inhuman monsters today!

2 reviews for Dead State: Executioner

  1. RJ

    At the end of the prior volume, James’ mother was added to the list of victims, having turned. We also find out that James’ sister is evidently immune and has been taken to some laboratory in California. Now James can continue his crusade to save the remaining member of his family. Will James convince or cajole Lucas and Cassie to follow? Probably. James’ retrospection gets a bit old and his decision to become the ultimate chaser-slayer is a bit absurd. The addition of Cassie into the group helped to revive but not enough to ultimately save this patient. I discovered from the previous volume that they describe Duke as a Golden Retriever. This is interesting as confirmation to his breed but is still confusing when James says things like, “Duke’s ears stand erect”. I guess I’ll just have to let it go. This third volume is similar to the first two; plodding, with simple, juvenile conversations between the characters. This leads me to categorize this series as more young adult apocalypse survival. I find it difficult to recommend. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Pamela Dixon

    Great YA novel!

    This third book in the series was just as good as the first two! It is also a great read for young adult.

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