Dead Pan

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Cake decorator Daphne Martin once again finds herself and her cakes at the center of a murder mystery. Half the town gets sick following a cake event, but for poor Fred Duncan, a bout with potential food poisoning quickly turns fatal. Now it’s up to Daphne to sort through the likely suspects and figure out who frosted Fred. This cozy mystery is fun companion while you do your holiday baking.

1 review for Dead Pan

  1. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this light easy cozy mystery. This is book two but it stands a stand alone book, so you don’t need to have listened to book one to enjoy it, I haven’t. It was quite fun so I might end up getting book one for my collection. The picture say that recipes are included but luckily they are not in the audio book version (sorry but I don’t like it when twenty minutes of a story are taken up with recipes I am not likely to make). A bit of story time is taken up with baking but that is so a group of guinea pigs can have a party and the main character can ask some questions. I found the whole thing light and amusing. The mystery was good but despite there being a number of suspects and reasons, I did know who the killer was.
    When a number of people fall sick at a party that Daphne has provided the cake for she is worried her cake will be blamed. Luckily the party is being hold for a pharmaceutical company and the head doctor is on hand with a nearly developed vaccine. While visiting the only man to need hospital treatment the man dies and Daphne promises his mother she will investigate. Was his death because of his brain injury caused by a car crash years ago? Daphne’s family don’t want her to investigate, she is a baker not a detective but when someone she cares about also gets sick, she puts down her pans and starts asking question. Questions someone doesn’t want asked .
    I liked the narrator and thought she did a good job with all the different voices.

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