Dead Letter

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Martin Davies and Della Rose are more interested in having fun playing detective in their golden years than being detectives. Their team of enthusiastic blue-hairs is a treasure trove of unexpected skills and employ unconventional tactics. 

Behind the sweet, wheelchair-bound grandmother facade, Estelle is a master hacker with the online handle MeatGrinder56. 

Wendy, a semi-retired actress, lives her dream of being a super spy while scrapbooking fingerprints to go with her surveillance photos. 

Homeless veteran Mac, the team’s eyes on the street, is invisible to the public. 

When a letter arrives from a deceased client asking them to retrieve a cheap china doll, the game turns fatal as they find more dead bodies than answers. When the killer decides that Della and Martin are getting too close, the couple needs to find the murderer before their fun comes to a permanent end.

2 reviews for Dead Letter

  1. Julie Howard

    This is the first book by this author that I have read but I enjoyed it. The quirky and unusual cast of characters are what made it fun, I think it is the fact the characters were elderly or retirees and played up the fact that they were doddery when In fact they were more up with the times than anyone knew, in fact one is a hacker and is beating the younger generation at video games. The mystery was good and I loved all the breaking and entering to get clues and the mishap that ensued. Think of a modern day Sam Spade setting.
    Martin and Della run a private detective agency and when they received a letter asking them to pick up a doll from a pawn shop they had no idea of what was to come. The doll belonged to a man killed just minutes after posting the letter and when they try to return the doll to the owner they put themselves on the radar of a killer. It is not long before both there home and office is broken into but why would someone go to so much trouble for a cheap China doll? It is only after they stumble across what looks like a suicide that Martin, Della and the team pull out all the stops and do some of there own breaking and entering. Especially as they are worried about how the suicide would effect Martin, a retired policemen. Can they find out what the killer is really after and just how many deaths have been ruled as suicide? When they are actually murders.
    The narrator is right for the part, as the story is about retires but speaks quite slowly, so I set the story to be read at a faster speed and then she sounded fine.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntary left this review.

  2. Jodene Chase

    Reminded me of Perry Mason. The characters would say something and I would see Perry and Della saying that same thing. I liked this one enough that I also listened to the second book in the series. I was given a free copy by Audiobooks Unleased and am leaving this review voluntarily.

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