Dead Aware Book One: A Zombie Journey


Their world’s on fire, but their passion can’t be cooled. Can two undead lovers reconnect in the land of the living?

Vancouver. Former nurse Clara Jacobs’s miscarriage took a piece of her heart forever. But when a deadly pandemic suddenly blazes through Canada while her husband is far away on a business trip, her wounded spirit can’t take any more pain. Desperate to track down her soulmate, her misery turns to horror when she succumbs to the virus and dies alone…and rises as a walking corpse.

Toronto. Max Jacobs will do anything to care for his mourning wife. So when he’s infected by the fatal fever, dying and returning as a zombie can’t stop him from thinking of her safety. And since finding his beloved is the only memory remaining in his fried brain, he vows to scour the entire Canadian wilderness to reunite with his lost love.

Even as Clara is captured by soldiers and used as an inhuman guinea pig, she can’t shake her drive to see her spouse’s face again. And as Max ambles his way across the devastated nation, he must dodge the multiple dangers of bites and bullets to avoid a second, final death.

Can Clara and Max survive their flesh-eating tragedy, or is their love dead for good?


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