Days Since: Xavier: Day 853


What if your fate was put in the wrong hands? What if taking it back was your only option?

The Second Alliance presses on.

The town of River’s Edge is under their control. In two years since the virus, Xavier finds himself alone. His sister is dead. His mother is missing. His father is out searching for her.

He thought it couldn’t get any worse, but the Second Alliance proves him wrong – cracks in their facade reveal the grim truth of their presence.

While the other survivors submit to this harsh new reality, Xavier refuses to bend. Someone must ignite the revolution before the Second Alliance swallows the town whole. Alone, Xavier doesn’t stand a chance. But if defeat promises death, will anyone follow him into the darkness?

The world of Almawt seemed so simple before, but the second installment in the series will change your perspective on everything.

This dystopian, post-apocalyptic thriller is the second book in Robert Wilson’s Days Since… Almawt Virus series. Look for the third installment of the series: Days Since… Jenny: Day 986 

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