Dawson Chronicles Box Set, Books 1 – 3


Book 1: Mistletoe Mayhem

When injured Sawyer Samuels arrives home from the Great War, he encounters Devon Dwyer, the woman who refused his marriage proposal. They still love each other, but can they work through their issues and recapture the love they once shared?

Book 2: After the Storm

Tim Dwyer and Renee Keller embark on a romantic journey, but their budding relationship is threatened by storms of horror and heartache. Can they ride out the storm or will their hopes be dashed?

Book 3: Spirit Journey

Shy Skip Keller and beautiful Peanut Lennox, helped by some matchmakers, find romance while travelling through the Black Hills. Will the magic of the ancient mountains create an unbreakable bond or will it be torn asunder by anger and mistrust?


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