Davenport House 6: House Secrets

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Clean Historical Mystery 

The family saga continues in this sixth book to the Davenport House series.  

It is 1919 when America begins to heal from the Great War and take her first steps into a roaring new era. The residents of Davenport House are changing with the times as new fashions and new laws are introduced.  

Clara turns a blind eye to her troubles at home and plans a grand masquerade ball for the county. Bridget uncovers a distressing truth and returns to the house to warn the others but soon finds she is no longer welcome there. 

When a suspicious death occurs on the estate, the abundance of motives and sudden hushed lips cause tensions to rise throughout the house. Only the painful truth can set everyone free, but it will come at a price to reveal the house secrets once and for all.

2 reviews for Davenport House 6: House Secrets

  1. Kayla

    This book wasn’t as good as the previous book in the series, but I still enjoyed it. To me, the shocking parts didn’t seem nearly as shocking, and were easy to predict. Clara also annoyed me in the beginning of this book, due to some poor choices that she made. It was frustrating to watch her go through them when the correct answer was obviously right in front of her face. I was incredibly happy with a certain character death in this though. I can’t wait to listen to the last book, and see where the series goes from there.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Without giving away the story line, one man is brought into the house, and life is changed for almost all it’s inhabitants.
    Together with war and the Spanish flue, it’s a time of emotional turmoil, with the added friction of those out for their own gains. Yes it is a tremulous times in the house

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