Davenport House 4: Heiress Interrupted

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Clean Historical Romance

More to the story is revealed in this fourth book to Davenport House. Nellie Whitmore is accustomed to life as a carefree heiress, but her claim to the family fortune is at risk because of a new heir. Nellie is sent to Britain to be married before word spreads of her changing circumstances. What begins as a luxurious voyage becomes a fight for survival when the ship is caught in the midst of the war, forever changing the people who live to tell about it.

Friendship is kept afloat by telegrams between London and Davenport House. Mary Davenport announces exciting news, and the servants prepare for more changes downstairs. Ethan is anxious to move to Philadelphia but becomes overworked while the estate is in search of a new groundskeeper. Relationships become strained when the unthinkable shakes the foundation of the house, and the ladies are left to evaluate the risks of keeping secrets.

2 reviews for Davenport House 4: Heiress Interrupted

  1. Kayla

    This book was a refreshing change of pace. I loved hearing Nellie’s perspective because I was dying to know how she survived certain events in a previous book, and what happened to her after those events. I really hope we get even more of her story in future books.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    We find out why Miss Whitmore had head to England, and also what the voyage was like.
    William and Mary set a date, but certain issues arise that threaten their happiness.
    We also loose one of the main characters, which causes a lot of grief.
    There is a lot more to this tale, but telling it all would spoil a good yarn.

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