Davenport House 2: A New Chapter

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Clean Historical Romance

The family saga continues in this sequel to Davenport House, resuming where book one leaves off in the spring of 1915. The family and servants must face their fears amid love and jealousy, grief and moving forward, and the threat of imminent war with the world.

The restructure of an upper-class family affects all who live on the Pennsylvania estate. Twenty-two-year-old Mary Davenport stays occupied with modernizing the house, but insecurities arise when she develops romantic feelings for the first time.

A wealthy socialite persuades one of the ladies to join her on a voyage aboard the exquisite Lusitania. Handsome Ethan is forced to move into the mansion after a fire destroys his home. Tensions rise as Davenport House enters a new chapter with more challenges than anyone is prepared for.

2 reviews for Davenport House 2: A New Chapter

  1. Kayla

    This installment in the series didn’t keep my attention as much as the first one. In my opinion, it’s the weakest book in the series. I was hoping for as much mystery and intrigue as the first book, and that definitely didn’t happen. It was interesting seeing the relationships develop between all the characters though.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Life goes on, but new secrets are revealed, and sinister plots are revealed.
    People that manipulate others for their own ends, are also brought under the group’s scrutiny. A possible disaster is avoided by one and challenged head on by another.
    Again we all see the history and new innovations of the times affecting the lives of this somewhat insulated community.

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