Daughters Of The Oak


Includes the novella The Manningtree Account

The English Civil War. The Royalists of King Charles I and Cromwell’s Parliamentarians battle, both eager to lay claim to a tattered country, where life has become cheap and death trivial.

Though, for the lowly commoner, a greater, far more devious war rages. It threatens the souls of the weak, timid, and needy. Seeking refuge in the Lord’s word, God-fearing folk employ the skills of one man, the Witchfinder. His success speaks of his talent to seek out, punish, and rid the countryside of Witches, the Devil’s Whores.

The year 2016: A paranormal team is called to investigate, as poltergeist activity brings terror to one family. Under cover of darkness, in silent suburbia, an endless night of battle against evil ensues, until finally, a new day dawns.

Lies, secrets, and treachery, it seems, are never forgotten… Welcome to Manningtree.


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