Dating by Persuasion

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Dating by Persuasion is the ultimate source for obtaining tools based on research that will allow you to better understand the psychology of attraction, how to become more attractive (inside and out) for the woman you want, and how to maintain this attraction. This audiobook is exclusively written for lesbian, bisexual, and bicurious women for the purpose of attracting their ideal women into their lives. Written by a health psychology professional and relationship expert, this book is based on clinical knowledge, evidence-based tools, and research. 

Dating by Persuasion is much more than a book…. It is a program to help you attract the woman you want now! 

Topics include: 


  • First impressions 
  • Online dating 
  • Liking according to social psychology 
  • Techniques to attract the woman you want 
  • Body language 
  • How to increase the lust factor 
  • Conversational skills 
  • Action plan 
  • What to do when she pulls away 
  • Turn-offs and tips to make her crazy for you 
  • Ways to attract an ultra-successful woman 
  • Evidence-based exercises to get the woman you want now 
  • And more… 


Dating by Persuasion is the ultimate guide to attract the woman you want in your life now!


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