Data Analytics and Linux Operating System: 2 Bundle Manuscript


This is a two book bundle related to data analytics and beginning your quest to understand the Linux Command Line Operating System.

In Data Analytics, you will learn:


  • Why your business should be using data analytics
  • Issues with using big data
  • Effective data management
  • Examples of data management in the real-world
  • The different kinds of data analytics and their definitions
  • How data management, data mining, data integration and data warehousing work together
  • A step-by-step guide for conducting data analysis for your business
  • An organizational guide to data analytics
  • Tools for data visualization


In Hacking University Senior Edition, you will learn:


  • What is Linux
  • History and benefits of Linux
  • Ubuntu basics and installing Linux
  • Managing software and hardware
  • The command line terminal
  • Useful applications
  • Security protocols
  • Scripting, I/O redirection, managing directories
  • And a bunch more!


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