Dashing Chef Daddy

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She was shy around him. He thought the world of her.


I’m lucky to have my own online cooking show. 

I can pay the bills doing what I love. 

If only my mother saw it that way. 

What I didn’t expect was meeting a chef who respected my cooking ability. 

Let alone the head chef of one of the best restaurants in the area. 

Flynn was sweet and sexy as hell. 

I wanted him to be my Daddy. 

But when he comes onto my show and gets harassed in the comments, will he ever forgive me for putting him in that situation?


I’ve been a longtime fan of Chelsea’s show. 

She’s so full of life and energy when she cooks. 

More than anything, I want her to be my Little. 

Not that I’ll ever tell her that. 

I never tell anyone I’m a Daddy. 

But when I hear her mother yelling at her one day, I can’t help but feel protective. 

I would do anything to make her happy. 

Even open myself up to ridicule on her show.

Dashing Chef Daddy is a short, hot ageplay romance featuring two consenting adults who are perfect for each other. It includes DDLG and ABDL elements, a touch of drama, and a sexy happily ever after. Enjoy.

This book is part of a series of stand-alone stories about Littles and the Daddys that are perfect for them. These books can be listened to in any order.

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2 reviews for Dashing Chef Daddy

  1. Vicki

    Short story about Chelsea, a little, and Flynn, a daddy. Things take off when they learn what they each are. Chelsea’s mother was a real b!tch. Richard Pendragon did a very good job with the narration.

  2. Lacie Redding

    As you may be able to gauge from the title and length, this is just a quick read, which means there isn’t a ton of time to develop plot or characters. (Though they author laid the groundwork and could’ve done these things if they felt like writing more than just porn.)

    As it stands, the writing isn’t bad and the narration is fine. I learned the daddy/little dynamic is, for me, as off-putting as it sounds, but to each her own. If it’s your thing, you may well like this read as it’s not bad.

    2.5 stars

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