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For generations, I have been the being who lurks in the dark. The one that feeds on the screams of pain and fear, cold sweats and the nightmares that I cause. I am the monster you warned your children about.

No one can escape my clutches, no matter how hard they try; I show them who they truly are deep down.

Centuries ago, I was possessed by a creature of whom I had no name for. I was nothing but your average human, a man who was fighting for his king and slaying many monsters in his name. The next thing I knew, I became that monstrosity that I tried to eliminate every day of my life. In the matter of hours, everything had changed drastically. I was used to fighting the dark and suddenly the dark became part of me.

There is no reason for what I have become. I embrace it – embrace the hideousness of my appearance because no one is as grotesque as I.

I am bitter. I don’t want to be the man who surrounds myself in a cloak of shadows, of serpents and arachnids, of smoke and ghouls. I want to return to the glory days. If only it was that simple.


Throughout my entire life I have felt out of place, that is until one day I discovered a place where I didn’t feel like the outcast that others made me out to be. I didn’t feel ugly, sinister, or even dark compared to those who I surrounded myself with.

I was a human, or so I thought.

I didn’t know that only supernaturals could gain entry into Sanctuary, not until I walked through those doors and began speaking to the others. It’s name is exactly what it is – a Sanctuary for all supernaturals and paranormals regardless of beliefs. It was the one place we could all go to that wouldn’t result in bloodshed, agony, or pain.

I have been here for years, becoming friends with the owner of this place and ultimately landing myself a job as a barmaid, and having a warm place to rest my head. Still, I do not know what I am. I have talked to the others and they have told me stories of paranormals with great powers who have to wait to discover their abilities.

It seems I am one of these rare and far between. I only wish that things were simple, but I know better. Nothing was ever simple in this life.

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  1. Jerry Harkey

    Jeff is possessed by Darkness, an entity of a demon. This has been the case for centuries but not to worry, not all demons are evil, and this twosome only kills bad guys. Meet Haven, no spoilers, so let’s just say she’s also something special, she just doesn’t know it, yet. This first book in the series is a set up for Jett and Haven to get together and find a real big evil coming to destroy the earth as we know it. They join with some other “special” friends to take on the baddies, which requires someone to go to a different dimension where the evil lurks. Like I said, it’s a prequel to that journey which I guess will happen in book 2. The narrator doesn’t distinguish between the voices of several of the characters, so that will keep you paying attention to know who said what!

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