Dangerous Passions

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Isoline Beresford has beautiful yet haunting dreams. In them, a man she doesn’t know is calling to her. She’s inexplicably, inexorably drawn to him, until he’s more real to her than her own fiancé.

When she calls off her engagement, her enraged father sends her to live with her 90-year-old grand-aunt, the Dowager Countess Bellamira Granville. If she won’t do her duty at home, he reasons, perhaps she can at least convince Lady Granville to leave her fortune to Isoline.

But life at Thornrush Manor is not what Isoline expected. Her aunt is as spry and elegant as a woman half her age. Her nearest neighbor, a distant cousin, begins courting her. And a dark and handsome artist proves a pleasant companion.

All the while, her dreams grow more intense. More urgent. More passionate. More dangerous.

In order to save everyone at Thornrush Manor, Isoline will have to confront the darkest parts of herself – and discover the secret of the man who hides in her dreams.
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2 reviews for Dangerous Passions

  1. Amanda Urbinato

    Wow. I am sooo happy I didn’t jump the gun and write my review before I got all the way to the end. I do that every once and awhile and was going to do that here. I had something else completely planned out to write. And NONE of what I was going to say hold true any more. The ending completely surprised me! And it was soo good! I def plan on reading more from Leigh Anderson. Also, the narration was done really well! SUCH A GOOD BOOK!

  2. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    Romance With A Bite
    Isoline Beresford is haunted by a dream that forestalls any reality her father has planned for her. Exiled to the home of her dowager aunt her dream escalates and she meets the dark and elusive stranger. Interesting story and believable characters even with the paranormal twist.

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