Dancing by the Christmas Lights (Carlisle Bay Book2)


After returning to Carlisle Bay, Connecticut, and rebuilding a summer romance once lost with the moonlit tide, Brady Carlisle and Olivia Shields are happier than they’ve ever been. All that’s missing is reconnecting their families. A task only a Christmas miracle could bring. Perhaps, a snowstorm and a little holiday magic may bring them all together. Although, being together by circumstance rather than by choice may prove to be more salty than sweet in this coastal cove along the New England coastline. 

Brady wants nothing more than peace between his family, as does Olivia. When his sister Lauren returns to Carlisle Bay, with three kids in tow, will this become the first of the many future holidays together again or the final break of the rushing tide?

Please note: This is the second book in a duo series and is a direct continuation of Dancing by the Moonlight. This is a sweet, family-oriented story filled with holiday fun.

 Christy D-Audible Review

Dancing by the Christmas Lights 

I really liked that the story brought in some favorite characters, along with some new additions. The book could stand alone, but I think you would enjoy it more with book 1. I like how the author brings in the factors that all is not perfect and families have issues. Whether small or large they can impact each family deeply. The narration is very nice and the story is perfect for the holidays or anytime!


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