Daisy Creek Brides: Books 9-12 (Daisy Creek Brides Collection Book 3)

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There is no better feeling than coming home. Come home with us, to Daisy Creek.

Life is slow and easy in Daisy Creek.

This small Nebraska town is home to many, from ranchers and tailors to restaurateurs and plain old cowboys – not to mention, a steady supply of bachelors.

But something far sweeter is coming, inbound for Daisy Creek to turn the lives of these settled bachelors upside down: their new brides.

Each carrying a heart full of hope for their futures, these mail-order brides are set to blow through this quaint town like a fresh spring breeze – whether their husbands-to-be are ready for them or not!
But even for the townsfolk of Daisy Creek – both the old and the new – no man or woman is immune to misfortunes.

Whether they are running from trouble or unknowingly running towards it, together these plucky brides and their grooms will have to face many hardships and trials along their road to happiness.
But how can anyone stand strong against the harsh realities of life in the Wild West?
Then again, love might just be their answer – after all, anything is possible in Daisy Creek.

Daisy Creek Brides: Books 9-12 is a charming collection of the mail-order brides of Daisy Creek and their search for love. As these lovely brides attempt to begin their new lives with their partners, they soon realize that the road leading to the altar is neither smooth nor simple – it’s as wild as the Ol’ West!

2 reviews for Daisy Creek Brides: Books 9-12 (Daisy Creek Brides Collection Book 3)

  1. Danny Harr

    This is a very good series. All four books is great. Gina Dobbs narrates all four books. I enjoyed all four books very much. They all have a very good storyline and is very interesting . Gina Dobbs does a great job narrating these books. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that has no influence on my review.

  2. Misty

    Daisy Creek is a fantastic series to listen to. It has romance, sadness, happiness, mystery, intrigue, you name it, it’s there for you.

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