Daisy Creek Brides: Books 13-16

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Welcome back to Daisy Creek!

Life in the old west is tough enough without worrying about things like true love or happiness.

Yet for four women, the challenge is only just beginning as they each take their first step down the aisle, on the way to becoming mail-order brides—but first, they should probably meet their husbands! A hard-of-hearing beauty, desperate to escape the shame of her failed wedding meets the eldest son of the Lakota chief, keen to carry on his father’s legacy. A widow determined to fight for those she loves meets a kind man working for the railway line, who is eager to help. A wealthy orphan yearning to be loved for who she is, and not what she has, meets a quiet and calm dairy farmer, whose only desire is to make a simple and peaceful living on his farm. And a woman caught between the world she belongs to and the one she was raised in meets the youngest son of the Lakota chief, who is embracing the new world emerging around him.

For these young brides and their husbands-to-be, the road ahead is filled with much uncertainty and peril. But as they each face their own obstacles and dangers, what awaits them at the end of their journey might just be worth all the struggle: A chance at true love.

Daisy Creek Brides: Books 13-16 is a charming collection of stories, each centered around the mail-order brides of Daisy Creek. Will any of the brides find their happy endings at last? Might it be waiting for them in Daisy Creek?

1 review for Daisy Creek Brides: Books 13-16

  1. Misty

    The Daisy Creek series is a great series to read or listen to. I recommend listening to it from the beginning.

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