Daddy’s Sassy Little Superhero (Sassy Littles, Book 2)



I should have paid more attention to the night things changed, but I didn’t. No one ever paid me any attention, but now, I’m super strong. I hurt the baddest man in the city, and he’s coming after me. 


I shouldn’t have interfered in matters that I had no business meddling in, but when the adorable blonde delivery girl struts through the worst neighborhood in the city and her life is put in danger, I have to step in. I have to save her life. That’s what any good man would do. 

Now, we’re both swept up in a power struggle neither of us should be trapped in, but as long as she listens to the rules I’ve set in place for her, we’ll both come out of this unscathed. We’ll be the heroes after this all goes down, but we’ve got to get there first.


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