Crystal Clear Persuasion


Cheryl Lawrence-Hardy was a stunningly beautiful, successful partner in a prestigious Washington, DC, law firm who married a handsome university professor. She was admired by her peers and adored by her family and friends. People thought she had everything a woman could want, but there was one thing she wanted above all else: a child or children of her own. That her husband did not share her desire for a family was a huge problem in their new marriage. 

Peter Brock, Cheryl’s lifelong friend, neighbor, and copartner in her law firm, was also dealing with a less-than-perfect marriage. Although they had known each other since childhood and knew most things about each other’s lives, the two friends could not share their concerns about their spouses, until the unthinkable happened. 

Over time, they realized their feelings for each other had grown into much more than friendship. Their efforts to create new lives with each other led to unexpected twists and turns and danger.


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